Planning on buying a house on beautiful Bonaire? Here are 10 tips!

Planning on buying a house on beautiful Bonaire? Here are 10 tips!


1. Choose a reliable real estate agent!

Choose your real estate agent very careful. A reliable real estate agent can guide you and advise you during your search for a suitable house. Thera are lots of things to think about while buying a house on Bonaire. Your real estate agent is an expert who knows everything about law and regulations when it comes to buying a house on the island.

2. Be on the island in person

Nowadays we have all the possibilities to search from anywhere in the world through the internet for everything we want. Despite all these possibilities it is always better to be on the island itself when the search really starts. Off course you can do a lot of ‘homework’ upfront and make a selection, but when you are present on the island, you will be pleasantly surprised about what you just can run into.

3. Make a wishlist.

What do I really want? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Recently build? Modern, or a house with character? Oceanfront or rather remote? Maybe a garden? Do I want to rent out part off the house? 

4. Determine what your budget is.

Make an overview of all the costs, not only what you want to spend on the house, but also think about future costs like taxes, the energy bill, decoration and maintenance. It’s very tempting, when you finely find you dream house to spend the maximum of your budget only for the house. Than when unforeseen costs appear the dream house all of a sudden can become a nightmare instead.

5. Mingle!: Get to know the locals, the island and the language.

Explore the island! Get to know the island, talk to the local people, and get to know them. When you listen a look carefully it is easier to determine where you would like to live. 

6. Situation of the house

Not only the neighborhood is important, also the situation of the house itself is important and something you should think about… Do you prefer a lot of shadow at the house? A garden with lot of trees and bushes gives you shade, but maybe also mosquitos? Does the house need to have an open-air living space so trade winds can cool the house? Or do you prefer the A/C.

7. Leasehold or private land?

On Bonaire a house can be built on leasehold land or private land. Private land is land owned by an individual. Long lease land is owned by the government and is rented out. What the differences are between the two and what the advantages/disadvantages are, your real estate agent can inform you.

8. Maybe first rent a house…

The idea to come and live on Bonaire was probably born when you spent your time here during one off your lovely vacations. Living (and maybe also work) on Bonaire can be a totally different kind off experience. Therefore it could be wise to first rent a house before you buy something. 

9. Check and double check!

Before you finally buy a house, check upfront with the local authorities what you are allowed to do with the house. Maybe you want to renovate or expand the house or start your own company. Or build extra apartments or studios on the lot to rent it out. Very important to know upfront what is possible.

10. Whatever you decide: take your time!

Bonaire is known for their easy way of living. Take your time to take the right decision, don’t rush, and take it easy.

Last but not least: Look for a reliable property manager to take care of your house

Once you bought your house in Bonaire and you live not on the island, look for a reliable property
manager. He is your contact person when you are not in your house and is the caretaker for you.
Once you arrive in your house again, you can enjoy your time in Bonaire while all is arranged by your
property manager.