Sabadeco Crown west Fase 3

Great investment opportunity in Bonaire!

These lots ars situated north of Crown Terrace (Sabadeco area, in Bonaire). Most of the lots have a stunning oceanview and are caressed by the ever-present carribbean winds. Prices start at US$ 187,360. Freehold land with no building obligations. If you would like to know more or want to change some ideas about investing in Bonaire, then please contact us we would gladly tell you more. 

Pricing per lot, Sabadeco Crown West fase 3

Project KavelNr KadastraalNr OpperVlak_m2_Kadaster PriceM2 ListPrice PlotStatus
West fase 3 W-235 4-A-2671 2167 $105.00 $227,535.00 For Sale
  W-236 4-A-2670 2215 $105.00 $232,575.00 For Sale
  W-237 4-A-2669 2128 $115.00 $244,720.00 For Sale
  W-247 2-F-47 1887 $100.00 $188,700.00 For Sale
  W-279 2-F-54 2342 $80.00 $187,360.00 For Sale
  W-280 2-F-53 2868 $69.00 $197,892.00 For Sale