Santa Catharina Building lot


This building lot in the middle of nature, measures app. 2.1 acres and  is situated down the road from Jato Baco to Rooi Lamoenchi, in the Santa Catarina area. It is located close to the shore and has a direct connection to Kralendijk. Just imagine all what you can do with this sort of building lot!

According to 'Ruimtelijk Ontwikkelingsplan Bonaire (ROB)' the destination of this lot is  "agricultural Kunuku"  Due to the size of this lot is this extremely suitable for various kinds of land-and or agriculture. But the ROB admits under conditions also building a home. 

  • Freehold land
  • Lot size 20.965 m2 /  225.672 sq/ft
  • US$ 14 per m2