Buy or rent a house on Bonaire?

Initially, this is of course a very personal decision when you’re moving to Bonaire. It depends
on many things whether to buy or rent a house: Are you moving permanently or
only for a part of the year? Are you planning to stay for good or a few years? Your family
composition, financial resources etc. In most cases, people who emigrate, first rent a house
for a while and then later buy a house. At present, the demand for rent houses is huge. So,
start your search for a house on time, via the internet, through a broker, through friends
and acquaintances or through your new employer if you already have one.

View the various websites regularly and don't miss the social media channels. Join relevant
facebook pages, sign up for newsletters and updates from websites and build a “digital
network‘ already. Of course you can also post a call yourself on the internet to come into
contact with the right companies or people. Many people on Bonaire have undergone
the same quest and are very helpful.

The most ideal scenario is of course if you go to Bonaire before your final crossing and go
house hunting personally. Not all houses that are rented out or are for sale are listed on the
internet, there are also lots of houses that are in the so called 'silent' sale. So Just step into
the real estate office personally and make your wishes known, chances are there are houses
that you haven't seen listed which are highly suitable for you.

Whether you decide to rent or to buy make sure you have your wishes list ready (see the
previous blog about this on this site). Houses that are for sale or for rent can be bought or
rented both with or without furniture. Long-term leases are generally for min 6 months to
one year, and you pay a deposit of 1 to 2 months of rent. Often, pets are not allowed.

If you buy a house, there is also the possibility to get a mortgage. The interest rate on Bonaire
is higher than on average and also the conditions are somewhat different. Also, you have to
arrange the necessary insurance for the house. Your real estate agent can help and advise
you with this.