Buying a house on Bonaire in a nutshell

What is the process after you have found a suitable house to buy on Bonaire? 
When you have found a suitable house together with your broker/real estate agent and you want to finalize this into a purchase, your broker/ real estate agent will open the bidding and the negotiations for you.
To make the process of bidding official, a "purchase offer sheet" is often used. On this sheet the opening bid is noted, the desired transfer date and any other conditions or comments along with the data of the buyers and a signature.
Not only the price can be negotiated but also on the date of transfer, whether or not subject to financing, taking over furniture etc.
At the time that both parties in agreement, the purchase agreement will be made. In the purchase agreement, is the date of transfer and the date when the deposit of 15% must be paid at the notary bank account.
On the day of the transfer, there will be a final visit to the property all together, with buyer and seller to check if all agreements are kept and the house is in the agreed condition. Finally, the sale will be made officially at the notary.
The notary will take care of the registration at the land registry and will draw up the final invoice.