How to sell your property on Bonaire

When you decide to sell your house on Bonaire, it is wise to turn to a broker. They know the market and have the right contacts and the right network to bring together supply and demand.
As a seller you can choose to put your property exclusively at 1 agency, but you can also choose to approach multiple brokers and multiple agents in the sales. It also works the other way around, when a property is listed at broker A, broker B is also allowed to sell it too. The brokerage must then be shared between the 2 agents. The brokerage will be deducted from the sales price, paid by the seller. 
First of all, the broker will, in consultation with the seller, determine the value of the property. Then professional pictures will be made, the sales text written and a sales brochure made. The property is then placed on the website of the broker, on social media, and put ads in the various (written) media. Of course, there is also a sign posted at the house. Also, the broker will actively approach people within his own personal network. 
When there is an interested party your broker will arrange an extensive tour and will provide the interested people with all the necessary information. Not only practical information about the house but also information on area, purchase costs, land registry fees and taxes. 
When the visit results in a bid, the broker will also actively support the bid process, when it comes to an agreement, the broker shall establish and guide the transfer of ownership and the title deed of conveyance at the notary personally.