Rent out your second home on Bonaire

There are several ways to get your (2nd) home on Bonaire to rent out, of course, you can do it yourself using different booking sites. Most booking sites operate a model where you pay a certain percentage over the rental earnings (between 4 and 10%).
It is key is that you do this on a daily basis. When potential guests make a request, you will need to respond quickly, people often ask multiple accommodations at the same time with different owners, and often this is on a first come, first served basis and it may just be that when you answer (too) late, you lose the booking to someone else.
You can also choose one of the “instant book” methods that most of the booking sites offer, guests will be able to directly book the accommodation without the interference of you as the owner. But also, then you will give this your daily attention, especially if your house is rented through multiple bookings sites, you need to keep all calendars updated instantly for example when you made a booking from site A and you forget to enter the date on site B, you have the risk of double bookings
and you will have to cancel the already accepted bookings on one of the sites, where these sites charge significant penalties for cancellations of already accepted bookings.
Whatever you choose of the 2 above ways, the fact remains that when you rent out your house when you’re not on the island, you also need to hire people that make sure that your house is in order and up to date for your guest and the guests have to be picked up from the airport, cleaning is scheduled and done, the pool is cleaned and the garden is looked after and maintained.
The most chosen and most efficient way is to rent out your 2nd house through a specialized (estate agents) office. They provide for a pre-agreed fee everything from A to Z for you, have the right network and marketing tools for bookings. Ensure the pickup and meet and greet of your guests, cleaning, and maintenance also when the house is not rented.
The only thing what you need to do is where you bought the house for in the first place: Spending you vacations on beautiful sunny Bonaire without worries!