The benefits of an oceanfront house in Bonaire

That an oceanfront house is special and appealing for many people I do not have to explain here,
and that a House by the sea is high on the wish list of many people either, but what makes a House
by the sea so attractive and what are the benefits?

First of all, an oceanfront house is a good investment, (vacation) homes located directly
oceanfront have proven to retain their value. In addition, the available oceanfront lots/houses are
going to be more scarce, of course this is also an aspect that influences the value of the property in a
positive way.

Real estate agents noted that people want to pay way more for a small house, located oceanfront,
even though they can get a house twice as big for half the price more inland.
An oceanfront House is also a solid investment if you plan to rent it out (in whole or partly).
Sea/Oceanfront accommodations are very popular for tourists. So it is not surprising that the
profits of an oceanfront House, are higher when it comes to (vacation) rental.

But a house by the sea has so many more advantages than the economic benefits mentioned above.
Living by the sea feels like having a little vacation every day.... A sunset is nowhere as nice as at the

From your own terrace you walk into the clear blue waters for swimming, diving or any other sorts
of water sports. The ever-present cooling wind that blows through your house is also a big benefit
of living by the sea.

And maybe you are one of the lucky ones who also has a small beach at your house by the sea
where you can have a perfect start of the day having breakfast with your toes in the sand, or spend
the evening with friends while you're enjoying a delicious barbecue.
Living at sea will always be special, certainly when it’s in always sunny Bonaire!