The different areas of Bonaire

Bonaire has two residential areas Kralendijk en Rincon. Kralendijk is the capital of Bonaire. The largest portion of the population lives in Kralendijk here you also find most shops, restaurants, businesses and public buildings. Kralendijk has different districts: Antirol, North Salina, Nikiboko, Playa, Belnem and Tera Cora, Sabadeco, Republiek, Santa Barbara These districts are also divided into different neighborhoods.

Antriol is of all areas situated the most inland. And has the most inhabitants. It is founded by the Spaniards and Portuguese and they called it: 'the interior" = Al Interior. Later, this then again become Antriol.

North Salina Is located to the North of the salt pans, many inhabitants are still in one way or another related to the Caiquetio Indians who first settled here in the past.

Nikiboko Is the second largest area of Kralendijk. More than half of the inhabitants of Kralendijk lives in Nikiboko and Antriol Playa. with Playa (Beach) the Bonairians mean the center of Kralendijk. 

Belnem: This district lies beyond the airport towards the salt pans. Belnem is a more luxurious neighborhood where there currently much building activity. Belnem owes its name to Harry Belafonte. 

Tera Cora means 'Red Soil' once the slaves housed here. Today it is a pleasant neighborhood with predominantly Bonairian inhabitants. 

Sabadeco, a luxurious neighborhood, a lot of oceanfront villa are located in this area.

Republiek/Santa Barbara, an upscale area with nice houses/apartments.
In the North of Bonaire, you can see the oldest village of Bonaire: Rincon. Rincon is located in a hilly area about 20 minutes from Kralendijk from the hills of Rincon you can both view the east side and the west side of the Caribbean Sea. Rincon was initially founded in order to house slaves, the choice to found in the valley between the hills is made to stay out of sight of pirates. Nowadays more and more older Bonairian people live there because the younger generations prefer to live in the area around Kralendijk and are settling there. In addition to the ‘common’ residential areas there are also so-called 'Kunuku' (Koonookoo or knoek) residential areas. Areas that are located outside the villages. These are countryside cottages or (former) farms. There situated along dirt roads and are sometimes hard to reach. They do not have water or electricity supplied by the government and need to be self-sufficient.