What is important to pay attention to when you are buying a house on Bonaire?

It already been said in blogs before this one, but one of the main points of what you should look for when buying a house on Bonaire is and remains: How is the house situated in relation to the wind?
On Bonaire the average annual temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit / 30 degrees Celsius and there is always a moderate to solid steady trade wind. This wind can be used to cool a house. Make sure that the most important areas of your house are “well on the wind” like it is called here, such as the porch and the bedrooms. With good means that you want the wind to cool your home, there's not too much dust blowing into the house, that it blows hard enough to blow away the mosquitoes, but also that there is not too much wind coming in so the paintings are falling from the wall.
Painting your house in light colors also helps in the cooling of your home. Not for nothing most homes in Bonaire are painted in light pastel colors. Light colors reflect the sun.
On Bonaire, you will live mainly outside. A house with a large shady porch and shady garden are recommended to add on the wish list. Please keep in mind that a lush garden or vegetation close to the house also attracts mosquitoes. A swimming pool, if possible, is something you will enjoy daily over here.
Living on Bonaire often means also visits from family and friends, and they are not 10 hours in an airplane to stay only for one drink... so, a house with enough bedrooms/bathrooms or better yet a separate studio is ideal in such a case. The advantage of a separate studio opposite extra bedrooms is that when nobody is visiting, you can rent this out.