Working on Bonaire

If you are planning to move (permanently or temporarily) to Bonaire, you will probably have to find a new job.
As “European Dutch” you are allowed to stay a maximum of 6 months per 12 months on Bonaire. When you want to work during this period, you are allowed to work for a maximum of 3 months, if you want to work longer than 3 months you will need a “residence permit” (Verklaring van Rechtswege)
All info and details you can find here:
Residents of the US and all other nationalities have to follow different policies to apply for work here you can find these here:
The largest employer of Bonaire is the Government, then the salt industry, oil industry and of course tourism. Tourism is with the arrival of the cruise ships and more and more (direct) flights of the various airline companies, growing rapidly. The Bonaire economy supports, 75% - 80% directly or indirectly on tourism. More tourists also mean more demand for accommodation. As a result, the construction sector is also growing.
When you are looking for a job on Bonaire, in no matter what sector it is also useful when you speak multiple languages, With Dutch and English you will come a long way. Spanish and Papiamentu will enhance your chances of finding an adequate job.
On Bonaire there are several employment agencies, and also 2 job banks:
Job seekers and employers can register online.
But also, commercial and international job sites are interesting to keep in mind: Bonaire is a small island and a lot is arranged mouth to mouth. Facebook pages play a major role in this. So, sign up to the various Facebook pages such as: "Durf te vragen Bonaire" (also in English) and "Bonaire 4 work"; they can also be a big help in finding a job.