10 reasons why living on Bonaire is amazing!


Who wouldn't want to live on Bonaire, a beautiful island with great weather and magnificent nature!

First of all, of course the climate...

Nice warm weather with lots of sunshine and an average temperature of 28 degrees Celcius, combined with a lovely ocean breeze, will make you feel like you’re on a holiday every day.
Of course, you’ll have to go to work here also, and you do have your obligations here, but in a way, everything is better when the sun is shining.

The Beautiful nature

Both under and above water Bonaire has impressive natural landscapes. From marvelous coral reefs to the savage beauty of Washington Slagbaai national park in the north to the mangroves, caves, Lac bay, salt pans, Bonaire has got it all!

Outdoor living

The beautiful weather also means that the larger part of life is lived outside. At home at the porch and in the garden or on the terrace, having breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Or somewhere outside the house in the town center in one of the (beach) bars or restaurants

Friendly and small-scale

Bonaire is a friendly and the small-scale of the island means that everybody, in one way or another, knows each other people are friendly and helpful. It’s a save island where everybody greets each other on the streets.

The stunning white sandy beaches

Wherever you are on the island there is always a beach within easy. Relaxing, do watersports, or meet with friends for a nice bbq on the beach and watch the sunset together.


For everybody that loves to swim, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, sailing Bonaire is a true paradise nowhere are there so many possibilities and is the ocean so beautiful and friendly with easy access from the beach. Life takes place in and around the ocean in any case.

Easy living

life on Bonaire is relaxed and clear, get used to the fact that things take longer here; the queue at the supermarket takes a bit longer, you’ll have to wait in line somewhat longer at the bank, see it as an advantage, people still take time for you over here…

Free healthcare

Inhabitants of the island get free healthcare provided by the government. So, no expensive doctor or hospital bills and fine health care.

There is always something to do!

You might think that the small-scale of Bonaire will also make it a dull island. Nothing could be further from the truth! Because of the small-scale people are very involved and organize lots of things, there is always a festival, performance or other festivities going on somewhere. Bonaire knows how to throw a party!

No traffic jams!

When you live on Bonaire you will never ever be stuck in traffic again. There are no traffic lights and hardly any traffic controls. Everywhere parking is for free!

A small misfortune is the condition of the roads… but with a maximum speed limit of 60 km/h across the island, you hardly feel the potholes…..

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